The Art of writing Error Messages at Microsoft…

6 Jun

Microsoft Error Messages have always brought a smile on my face, not because they help, no ! But because of the sheer content of the messages.

I got the following error message in MS Outlook 2003 because Firefox was set as my default browser.

Microsoft Outlook 2003 error message...

Internet Explorer a World Wide Web Browser ??? Yeah, right !!!

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  • abesh

    @ci lolz ! absolutely agree with you on this one 🙂

  • ci

    I think this message is right, coz it tells you that you need a Browser ‘such as Microsoft Internet Explorer’. And Firefox isn’t such a webbrowser like MS IE, it is much better!! 😉

  • abesh

    @Joe Haynes Seems to be the only plausible explanation 🙂 Didn’t know it though 🙂

  • I suspect that the 90’s era message (i.e. “World Wide Web Browser” comes about because MicroSoft has not bothered to remove the Mosaic code it purchased so many years back. MS is extremely slow (lazy) when it comes to re-writing its most important programs (I suspect much of Windows Server 2008 still has quite a bit of the original Windows NT 3.1 code embedded in it).

  • Stupid error messages are not exclusive to Microsoft 🙂