Who Am I ?

Techie, Music Junkie, Gadget Freak, Gamer…

I write code for a software company to pay my bills…

I love to experiment with technology and the results of my experiments are generally documented on this blog or in the SAP Community Network.

I moderate the SAP MII, Enterprise Widgets or the Rich Internet Appliactions forum on SCN .

I am also a SAP Mentor and that has got to do a lot with the title of this blog 🙂

What does the title of the Blog mean ?

The title of the Blog, has been inspired by Les Aventures de Telemaque by Fenelon, (translated : The Adventures of Telemachus) – Francois Salignac de la Mothe, the first book (1699) where the modern usage of the word Mentor was traced.

How did I name the Blog ?

Being at a total loss of ideas on what to call my blog i sought help of my good friend and fellow Mentor the Grumpy Old Man (Eddy De Clercq), who is just unbeatable when it comes to creatively naming blogs. A couple of DMs on twitter , a small chat on Skype and a twist in the tale… Ta Da… my blog was christened.