The story of my life or marriage or whatever…

12 Aug

I fell in love with a girl quite late in my life. Till then my love affairs have been strictly restricted to computers, games and gadgets.

So much so that when Haimanti, my wife, who was my fiancee then, came to visit me in Bangalore for the first time, I nearly threw a fit when she let go of my laptop an inch from the ground.

So much so that after 3 years of marriage Haimanti still thinks that I sometimes love gadgets and my laptop more than I love her.

So much so that I sometimes think that she might be just right !!!

But this story is not about that….

I’ve been lucky to have some of the best friends a man can have in the world… Having studied in a all male school and then a college where females were a scarcity I had a group of all male friends and they were and ARE the best and we’ve had some amazing times together hanging out, so much so that my family knew everything they had to know about them and liked them too.

This story is not about them either…

This story is about my sister, Evana.

Well she’s five years younger to me and has been a darling both to me and my parents. We fought with each other so much so that my parents had to get involved every time, but we loved each other and still do. We still have the occasional tiffs even now, and now my wife get’s involved to sort out the mess 🙂

So it was quite sometime after I was seeing Haimanti, I decided to break the news to my sister. This is how the conversation went :

Me :
Bonu (sister), I’m seeing someone 🙂
Evana : OH WHAT ??? OK ????
Me : Yeah 🙂 (blushing…)
Evana : Does mom know about it ??? It is not one of your jokes right ???
Me : No dear, serious, it is a female.
Evana : Oh really ? How nice !!!
Me : Hang on I’ll break the news to mom & dad too. Let me conference her on my cellphone…
Evana : OK
Me : Done, hey mom how are you ?
Mom : Hello ?
And then my sister, unable to control her excitement blurted out :

Evana :
Mom, your son has a girl now, I mean a real girl and all the time we thought he was GAY !!!