The Alienation…

8 Jun

And one more…

Scene – I

“So what is the least distance the fly must travel to reach from one vertex of the cube to the one exactly opposite to it ? Remember that the cube is hollow and the fly cannot fly !” – Bang ! It was like getting shot point-blank with a dum-dum bullet straight in the stomach where one has to endure endless pain without dying !!! What is the use of a fly that cannot fly, was the first question that came to my mind ! Do we still call it a fly ? In the meantime the guy taking my interview was still looking at me expectantly, as if I was the only hope the fly had to go from one vertex of the cube to another….
Pfffffffttt….. the lights went out….. in my head…. Somebody blew out the only candle that had been showing me the way all along….
I looked up at him and muttered something about the fly doing some amazing stunt and landing at the other vertex of the cube…. He wasn’t amused…. And I guess neither would have been the fly….

Scene – II

“Hello ? Am I talking to Mr. Low Duh ? “
“Errr… hmmmm…. Yes ?” – My voice shaking with anxiety….
“Mr. Low Duh ? We’ll you’ve been selected to join Acme Corp… Your joining date will be the 12th of August…. We request you to collect your Offer Letter from…. Hello?? Hello ???……”
The lights went out again…. But, hey wait, it’s not that dark is it…. I can see stars as well, hey there is the orion… and there is the great bear … and there is the………

Scene – III

A group of anxious faces sat around the table. Everyone seemed as lost as I was or were they ??? A cheerful looking lady came into the room and handed us over a list of forms we had to fill. The sheer weight with what they dropped on my lap caused my knees to buckle…. given that I was comfortably sitting on a chair…. Or at least making believe that I was comfortable…..
After a two hour session, which really reminded me of the Cursive-Writing sessions in my school where we had to write “I will do my homework everyday….” One hundred times as a punishment, I really contemplated the reason of me being given such a punishment after such a long time……

Scene –IV

My spaceship is stuck in an Alien Planet… The guys here call it the training room… The only inhabitants are creatures with red eyes who mumble in some strange incoherent language which have a bleak similarity to English…. But that’s that….
They tell me it’ll take them four weeks to repair my spaceship and till them I’ll have to do as they wished… I had not felt like an alien before…. Never ever…. But all these languages…. They surely must be from a distant planet as they are so unfamiliar to me…..
These guys are trying hard to make me understand their language…. Peculiar names they have…. C++, VB…. Why not be content with only one “+” ??? I’ll go mad ! Really mad !

Scene – V

Today is the first day I asked first question….
“Excuse me ?”
The guy who was talking in the strange language fainted…..

Scene – VI

I have become an alien now…. My codename is LOWD…. And I have started to understand what they call “C++”.

Scene – VII

Today I asked my second question….
“What is the use of a Virtual Function in a Real World ?”
Miraculously, the guy trying his best to make us at home with the strange language they call C++ did not faint… the others did….

Scene –VIII

My eyes are red… I’m trying hard to figure out the stuff that is on my screen…. Seems like matrix code….this was not what they had taught me at the alien planet called Seed……. It’s 2:00 am in the morning….. I quickly down my nth cup of coffee… the light starts to go out in my head but every time some imbecile manages to turn on the emergency lamps….. Shit ! I shake my head…. Got a release in an hour goddammit !!!