To Err… is Human…

8 Jun

Another one dug out from the depths of the old blog….

Err… The baton has been passed. The colors of space have faded into the sunset.

From the depths of Core Dumps the Error has risen… The slanting beam of highlight from the sole Breakpoint that was hanging beside a loop cast an eerie shadow on his face beneath the veil of darkness. The face that stared at him held fear, desperation and dejection. Soon the news will spread far and wide. He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named has risen, at last, out of the infinite loop.

The Error laughed out with a loud beep. The Muggle gave a start. He desperately reached out for his weapons … F6, F7 and F8. But the loop went on. And with each loop the Error became all the more formidable.

A shadow lurked behind the pole on which the Breakpoint hung. The Error turned around swirling his black hood behind him. Wizards, he grinned ! He slowly raised his wand with his gloved left hand. “Avada-Kedavra”. A jet of green light shot out from the end of his wand and the Watchpoints lurking behind the shadows were wiped out permanently from the face of the compiler.

The Muggle was now crouching in fear. Begging for his sanity. It’s been two nights now without sleep, without food terribly in pain under the Cruciatus curse. He summoned his strengths and looked up to the Error… His trembling hand reached for the Debugger…

The Error’s face contorted with rage. His whole world went pixellated in front of his eyes. His eyelids drooped.

He desperately fought to keep out this feeling of being overwhelmed from his brain. His eyes focused on the Muggle form lying near him.

The Muggle’s hand went up to his forehead. The lightning shaped scar on his forehead was aching again. He looked up and saw fear in the eyes of the Error.

Ctrl+Alt+Delete – “End Task”.

Endgame Error !

A jet of green light shot out of the end of the wand the muggle held.

Light faded from the eyes of the Error… He smiled… The prophecy echoed in his head “…and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives.”