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Review : Razer Sabertooth

29 Jul

Tweet I am primarily a PC / PS3 gamer, pretty much content with the keyboard and mouse and the Sixaxis / Move / Sharpshooter controllers for the PS3. Until a couple of years ago when I felt the need for a Gaming controller to hook up to my PC, mostly for GTA IV. I had […]

Razer : Screw Gamers !

11 Jun

Tweet Update :  An update to the post below : I posted the same on this blog and Min Liang Tan’s (Razer CEO) FB page. The first post was promptly deleted, however I posted and a second time and tweeted. Min replied asking me to contact Support but got a better response on Twitter : John Wie reached out to me. Consequently […]

Hello again, World !!!

16 Mar

Tweet My blog has been idle for quite some time now and what better way to kick-start it again than with the introduction with the newest member of the family : Name : Aahir Bhattacharjee Sex : Male D.O.B :  14th March 2011, 10:13 AM Weight : 3.02 Kgs The Buzz : Looks a lot […]

The story of my life or marriage or whatever…

12 Aug

Tweet I fell in love with a girl quite late in my life. Till then my love affairs have been strictly restricted to computers, games and gadgets. So much so that when Haimanti, my wife, who was my fiancee then, came to visit me in Bangalore for the first time, I nearly threw a fit […]

My Apostille Woes and Shashi Tharoor…

8 Jan


Tweet My book was published this July and I got my first royalty statement soon after. My contract with Galileo Press was executed in the US and hence this required me to apply for a TIN to get the actual payment as well as claim tax exemption from the Indian Government. The process, it seemed, […]

Prawn Malai Curry – With a Twist…

7 Jul

Tweet Prawns have always been a favourite with both me and my wife, Haimanti. So here’s how to make Prawn Malai Curry, an east indian cuisine and an all time favourite of mine 🙂   Ingredients   500 gms fresh Large Prawns, de-shelled and de-veined. One-Half Coconut Coconut Milk, 1/2 of a tea-cup. Three small […]

The Wincy Code

8 Jun

Tweet And more… Robert LongDan sat brooding over the naked body that lay spread eagled on the floor. His brows furrowed as he fixed his gaze on the nether regions of the body. His eyes glazed and he looked up at the glittering sky through the glass ceiling of the Loo’vre. A poke in his […]

The Alienation…

8 Jun

Tweet And one more… Scene – I “So what is the least distance the fly must travel to reach from one vertex of the cube to the one exactly opposite to it ? Remember that the cube is hollow and the fly cannot fly !” – Bang ! It was like getting shot point-blank with […]

To Err… is Human…

8 Jun

Tweet Another one dug out from the depths of the old blog…. Err… The baton has been passed. The colors of space have faded into the sunset. From the depths of Core Dumps the Error has risen… The slanting beam of highlight from the sole Breakpoint that was hanging beside a loop cast an eerie […]

Lighttpd + PHP + MySQL + eAccelerator = WordPress on steroids

30 Apr

Tweet Introduction I recently shifted my blog from Dreamhost to Mosso. Dreamhost was constantly throwing up out of memory errors for my blog and there was no quick way to detect why other than disabling all my plugins and enabling them one by one. That is one route I did not want to take. I […]