Help thy visitors…

27 Sep

…and they will love you.

I am always on the lookout for new ways to make my blog more accessible and helpful to visitors. And this does not only mean that I write something that helps them but also hold their hand if they stumble into a 404 or want to search my site better.

In my quest for a better and a more visitor friendly blog i stumbled upon these two wordpress plugins which i quite like :

  • wpSearch : This plugin uses the powerful open source Lucene search engine and returns fast and accurate results. Consider this to be your WordPress search on steroids. Need i say more ?
  • WP-Highlight : Conveniently highlights the search terms on the search results page. You can see a demo on my blog here. Pretty cool aint’t it ?
  • Smart 404 : Just having a 404 page ain’t enough. The best way to tell your visitor that the page does not exist other than just informing them is a list of suggestions which he might try to get what he wants. This plugin does just that.