Yay ! My WP plugins in the official WP repository…

2 Nov

It just needed some prodding from Craig Cmehil (as always) and I’ve just uploaded two of my plugins to the official wordpress repository. This blog also serves to be a shout out to my friend Oliver Kohl whom I’ve been constantly pestering to upload his fantastic SDN Contibutor plugin to the official wordpress repository. It’s a damn good plugin and he should upload it to the plugin directory to let everyone use his piece of work.

The submission process is a breeze which starts with the filling of a submission form and waiting for your submission to get approved. Once it does, (it usually takes about a day), you get access to a subversion repository where you upload your plugin files and a readme.txt and you are done.

The plugins that I uploaded are :

  1. Friday Morning Report : A wordpress widget which displays a archive of the Friday Morning Report shows hosted by my friend Craig Cmehil.
  2. Chinposin : A widget to display slideshows of all the chinposin avatars of a user.

So what are you waiting for ? Grab them while they are still hot.