Tour de Flex : Your Desktop Guide to the world of RIAs

17 Nov

Tour de Flex is like mana from heaven for newbie developers who want to know what Adobe Flex & AIR are capable of.  It is an application built with Adobe AIR which is basically a component browser which showcases the Flex components with over 200 examples, source code and links to the relevant documentation.

What’s more, is that it is also available as an Eclipse plugin which enables you to lookup these examples and source code directly from the Eclipse IDE. This is specifically useful if you are using Adobe FlexBuilder to create your Flex projects.

This is really exciting just because of the fact that you would have a complete tutorial and examples of all of the Flex components offline so you would not need to connect to the internet and search on google every time you want to view an example.

Read more about Tour de Flex on Greg Wilson’s Blog.  You can also download the AIR application as well as the User Manual from the Tour de Flex page.