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SAP MII Developement Skills podcast with Jon Reed

10 Sep

We’ve been trying to make this happen for a long time and it is finally here 🙂 Fellow SAP Mentor and friend Jon Reed of talks to me in this Podcast about SAP MII and the very first book on it, Implementing and Configuring SAP MII,which I co-authored with Dipankar Saha of IBM, SAP MII developement skills, the experience of being a SAP Mentor, my interests: Rich Internet Applications (RIA), my passion: the SDN and BPX communities and the upcoming SAP TechEd, 2009. Hope you guys have as much fun listening to it as we had recording it 🙂

Link to full post on : Podcast: Abesh Bhattacharjee of SAP Labs on SAP Development Skills and SAP MII


Jon Reed Interviews 3 SAP Mentors on their SAP TechED Bangalore, 2008 experience

24 Nov

Fellow SAP Mentor Jon Reed of who made it a point to be physically at SAP TechEd Vegas and virtually in Berlin and Bangalore, did a small virtual round table with SAP Mentors Dipankar Saha and Somnath Manna of IBM India and Abesh Bhattacharjee (yes… me  😆 ).

Below is the article that he posted on his blog and on SCN. Read away…


A SAP TechEd Slideshow on your Desktop…

19 Jun

The registrations for SAP TechEd 2008 are already open and when I think about what an awesome event it was last year that I have still not got over, I read the TechEd blogs on SDN and check out the TechEd pics on Flickr.

That is when the bulb lit up in my head and i came up with this tiny widget which gives you slideshow of all TechEd pictures across all locations from Flickr.


Thou shalt not fight with your wife over ice-cream…

29 Dec

… And especially when Craig is around with his camera…

Well, this happened at BarCon08 in Bangalore, the night before SAP TechED.  After a round of drinks and Dinner at the 13th Floor, I wanted to have ice-cream and thus dragged the gang, including Craig, to a famous ice-cream parlour (Corner House) on Residency Road, which was roughly round a Kilometer from the venue of BarCon, on foot.

It was when my wife and me were bickering over who gets to eat the majority of the ice cream when Craig sought his revenge and captured the entire incident on video.

So here’s to your viewing pleasure and my public humiliation 🙁


Help thy visitors…

27 Sep

…and they will love you.

I am always on the lookout for new ways to make my blog more accessible and helpful to visitors. And this does not only mean that I write something that helps them but also hold their hand if they stumble into a 404 or want to search my site better.

In my quest for a better and a more visitor friendly blog i stumbled upon these two wordpress plugins which i quite like :

  • wpSearch : This plugin uses the powerful open source Lucene search engine and returns fast and accurate results. Consider this to be your WordPress search on steroids. Need i say more ?
  • WP-Highlight : Conveniently highlights the search terms on the search results page. You can see a demo on my blog here. Pretty cool aint’t it ?
  • Smart 404 : Just having a 404 page ain’t enough. The best way to tell your visitor that the page does not exist other than just informing them is a list of suggestions which he might try to get what he wants. This plugin does just that.


I’ll be there !

6 Aug

I’ll be there at SAP TechEd 2008, Bangalore. Will you ?


ESME – The Demo

5 Jul

A couple of days back I had blogged about ESMEThe Enterprise Social Messaging Experiment, about how it was initiated, who all are involved and what we are trying to build.

As Dennis Howlett mentions in his Blog on SDN, we are a group of individuals from the community who share a dream of making enterprise social messaging a problem solver for the enterprise and though we have not met, we know each other and more importantly completely trust each other.

An initial thought of invoking public response got us thinking and what better place to showcase our idea than Demo Jam at SAP TechED.


Chinpose on your WordPress Blog…

4 Jul


Friday is Chinposin Day. If the previous line did not make any sense to you, then it’s time you read my good friend Blag‘s blog on Chinposin.

What started off as an one off experiment is growing into a full fledged avatar management platform with more and more functionality being added every day. With a avatar timeline per user along with it’s feed, Tiltviewer and many more upcoming features all of which can be found on the Chinposin Blog, this was a perfect platform to develope my first WordPress Widget.

The WordPress Chinposin Widget can be downloaded here and it shows a slideshow of random avatar images from your avatar timeline.